Thursday, 6 January 2011

White Eagle Medicine Wheel Cards 7/1/11


Dolphin is the one sea creature that enjoys interacting with humans. People who swim with dolphins experience profound feelings of love. Living in shoals of up to 100, dolphins awareness of each other includes the presence of 'midwives' surrounding and assisting the mother with birth. Dolphin also cares for its sick by supporting them to the surface when they need to breathe. when searching for food Dolphin uses ultrasound vibrations as a guide. It communicates through clicks, whistles, grunts, and body language. Each dolphin has its own personal whistle.

Dolphin can hold its breath for long periods. Native people say that Dolphins first medicine is the gift of breath, the breath of spirit and the breath of life. Dolphin shows us how to breathe in the life force enlivening every cell. Breath is the carrier of consciousness and healing. We can breathe in healing energy to reach any part of ourselves in need of help and by breathing out we can cleanse our system and release negative emotions.

Rhythmic breathing is the ideal way to enter into meditation and into other realms such as the dreamtime. The Dreamtime reminds us of ancient wisdom and the mysteries of the great oceans. We were once part of these oceans and we can return to that deep instinctual part of ourselves with Dolphins magic.

Dolphins are also the teachers of music and sound. Theirs is the original tongue, patterns of sound which became our means of communication. Dolphin is the messenger of the Dreamtime and communicates to us a the deepest level.

Dolphins message
Dolphin says that you have discovered how to live your life by the natural tides and patterns of events and that you can surrender to the ebb and flow of the oceans of life. In harmony with all. You know how to listen to and understand the subtle messages from the environment.

Dolphin affirms your ability to live with an open heart, the life force of the Great Spirit flows through you so remember to contact the wisdom available to you through the dreamtime.

Dolphin breath can carry you to the primordial world of the great oceans to underground caverns and perhaps memories of your own beginnings.

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