Sunday, 30 January 2011

Rune of the Week - Sowelu


- positive energy, increase, power, activity, fertility, health.
- Wholeness
- Lifeforce, regeneration.
- Relationship: Development of individuality in the relationship.
- Compassion.
- What you are striving to be, you already are.
- Time to recharge and regenerate.
- Be strong and you will succeed.
- Realize your truest aims.
There is no reversed to this rune due to its shape.

Magical Uses

- Energy, healing strength.
- Acts as both a warder and active combatant.
- Strengthen active, magical will.
- Used with other runes - Activates and vitalizes.

Keyword: Wholeness

Duality: Masculine

Element: Fire (the Sun)

The energy of Sowelu is utter and vibrant wholeness. Like the image of the rune – one arm stretched toward the sky and the other toward the earth. You complete the “circuit” between the limitless love of the Divine and the solid, nurturing, grounding force of the earth. These forces meet and merge within you, filling you with energy like a lightning rod during a storm.

There is NO reversed aspect to this Rune. This rune stands for
wholeness, a sense of well being that is founded in the Suns' energy.
It assures the path towards self realization and completeness of mind,
body and spirit are well underway, if not nearing completion. A
pathway you will recognize and follow not from direction without, but
from certain knowledge at the core of your individuality.
it should be noted here that in many cases, that which you are
striving to become, is in actuality that which you already are. You are
your own person.

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