Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Card for Today - sacred path cards 11/1/11

The Great Mystery card tells us the Original Source is the Creator of all life and that we are created in that likeneness. We are free willed co creators who become the source of all we choose to experience in life. The buck stops here, we are totally responsible for all our joys and all our pain.

In receiving this card you are being reminded to give gratitude for all of your lessons. It changes pain to gain. Focus on your creative capacity and you can change anything. We are created in the image of an infinite Creator and are therefore limitless co creators.

In all cases the Great Mystery will continue to confound and astound us every time we try to figure it all out. Stop your minds chatter and listen to the source. Original source shows us the mystery lies within us and contains all the answers we need to find along the Sacred Path. The Sacred path of beauty is experiencing the mystery of life without having to control the outcome from our tunnel vision command post. Go with the flow and watch the glory of limitless co creation. After all the Great Mystery is the Divine plan and everything is on schedule.

Original source of creation
The void of all that is
Thank you for the breath of life
Thank you for my gifts
Eternal Mystery touch my heart
In beauty may I walk
Sacred Mystery be my guide
That I may walk my talk
Infinite source remain with me
So I may always know
The warmth of your eternal flame
Deep within my soul

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