Thursday, 27 January 2011

Card for the Weekend - Drum - White Eagle Medicine Cards

Energy, Rhythm & Movement

Drum tells us to get in touch with our feelings and to join in the rhythm and harmony of life. Drum brings energy and movement. It is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, the pulse of life and the primal rhythm. The first sound a child becomes aware of in the womb is its mothers heartbeat.

As you grow in understanding and wisdom, you are learning to listen to and feel the patterns and vibrations of energy both around and within you.

Thought patterns are vibrations the rhythm of the breath, the blood, all is flow, movvement and pulsation. All forms of creation emit their unique sound and energy pattern. You are learning to sense these patterns. This is the way that other life forms communicate with you, tell you of their nature and their experience during their time on Mother Earth. You are in the reality of being all one family.

Drum is the shamans spirit horse. This steed will take you into realms of altered states especially with rapid drumming at four to seven beats per second thereby altering brain waves and enabling you to access other dimensions of reality.

The drum echoes our heart beats and indigenous people use the drum to open the heart and bring healing.

Drum takes you beyond the tight control of the rational mind to reach the ecstatic, instinctual parts of yourself that are seldom heard or allowed to express themselves. Drum and dance can be a profound prayer involving the whole being.

Drum teaches us to find our own vibration - the quality of sound heard in the voice of people who speak from the heart, a sound of fearlessness, truth, openess and warmth. Sing! find your heartsong: it may rise wordless from deep inner place of joy. Elders hearts are always at peace they constantly bless the gifts of life.

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