Saturday, 4 September 2010

Rune of the week - ING/Ingwaz

Ing/Ingwaz (Good outcome)

Good results are expected. Good fortune is yours at this time.The name of the rune Ing is also the name of the Norse god Frey. Therefore the rune Ing is a rune of fertility, peace, and plenty. Ing is the rune of the start of new life. Ing was protector of the frith, the peace that surrounded a community along with the prosperity that kept it safe. Frith guilds in Anglo-Saxon England kept the peace, and Ing is a good rune for policemen and other "officers of the peace."

In spell work, it can be used to promote fertility and peacefulness.

This rune symbolizes a beacon, successful conclusions, inner harmony, and relief. The rune’s image represents a sprouted seed or more modernly, a string of DNA.The Ing-Rune is associated with the Genetic Code and the DNA Spiral (Mystery of the Blood); Ing is the eight irreversible rune; the image and meaning is the same when it falls reversed in a reading.

On a grander level, Ingwaz can represent the wholeness of the Earth or of humanity. Overall human conditions, or global issues.

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