Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Copal Resin Incense

Drawn to burn copal incense today. Never used it before, will have to order some.

Latin Name: Bursera microphylla
Origin: South and Central America
Planet: Sun Element: Fire

Copal incense is as golden, black, or white resin whose sacred
smoke carries messages to the spirit world. The spirit of this plant
and it's medicine allows us to see life more clearly and inspires divine insights.

"I create a smoking mirror that reveals
all things."

Copal resin incense comes from the sturdy Bursera tree in the regions of southern Mexico. The resin is formed when the tree is cut and a thick milky liquid seeps out. It is dark in colour but changes colour as it dries. The Mayan Indians hold copal as very sacred and have used it in ceremonies since before the invasion of the Spanish conquests to the Americas. The name for copal is pom in Mayan
tongue. Especially sacred is the resin that comes from a tree that has been struck by lighting or "Thunderbeings.", which holds the most beautiful spirit.
The Mayan creation story, Popul Vah, it is described as a "seeing instrument." The copal of the Guatemalan Chorti Mayans that is used for censing is called uhtz'ubte' in Chorti and copal, copal de santo, or palo de santo in Spanish. The gum [resin] is boiled, shaped into hard pellets, burned with live coals in
incense burners, and the fumes allowed to pass over the body to cure various illnesses, to protect oneself against sorcery, sickness, and misfortune, and to cleanse the body.

Copal resin is said to reveal invisible energies that appear like rays of sunlight filtering through an early morning mist. Healers may use it as a diagnostic tool to help them see the deeper dimensions of a client's energy field.
Gazing through the smoke to detect illness and energy blocks. It may be used for clearing and clarifying the mind since it holds the influence of purification and protection. The dried natural resin, when burned, emits an odor akin to frankincense but with a lighter, citrusy tone.


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