Thursday, 2 September 2010

Angel message for the day

Archangel Ariel

Ariel is a Celestial Angelic Being within the Angelic Order known as the Archangels. Archangels are responsible for ministering to humans, considered somewhat like “manager angels”, Archangels oversee the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and the other Celestial Light Beings that act as our guardians and guides.
Each Archangel has specific qualities that distinguish their characteristics and their specific angelic responsibilities. Archangel Ariel is an Angelic Ambassador of Nature, Animals, Elementals, Divine Magic, and Manifestation
Ariel is experienced as a feminine angelic presence with a beautiful pale pink energy. Her name means Lioness of God and she is described within books and literature involving Judaic mysticism and cabalistic magic.

Archangel Ariel is aligned with the Natural World, with Animals and with Elementals (i.e. Fairies, Elves, Sprites, Gnomes etc.) In this capacity Ariel is a Guardian and healer of Animals and is an ally toward conservation of our natural world. Ariel will work autonomously and/or alongside Archangel Raphael for healing both wild and domestic animals. She invites us to call upon her for angelic assistance regarding any issues relating to animals and/or with conservation.

Ariel is aligned with air/wind and with water, and although she is a guardian of all animals, she is especially aligned with birds and the Lion would be considered her “animal totem.”

Archangel Ariel will act as an Angelic Liaison for those interested in connecting with the Elemental Kingdoms. Call upon Ariel to provide platforms for positive interactions with the Fairies, Nature Spirits, Sprites and others within the Elemental Kingdom.

Ariel invites us to go outside and encourages us to spend time within the Natural World. She reminds us that there is a magical healing energy found in Nature that is restorative and rejuvenating to our body, mind and spirit. Soothing, refreshing and inspiring, simply spending time in nature has the ability to clear our perspective, providing a new and positive outlook on life.

As an Angelic Ambassador of Divine Magic and Miraculous Manifestation, Ariel is devoted to helping us transcend the illusions of separateness and limitation. She is dedicated to our remembering the Divine Truth that we are ONE with the Infinite Divine Universal Source, we are ONE with the Miraculous. Remembering that we each are aligned with Miraculous Consciousness, we are miraculous.

Ariel reminds us that we each wield the creative power of miraculous manifestation, through the power we project through our thoughts, through our words, through our beliefs and emotions and through our intentions. The power of miraculous manifestation is wielded through what we visualize and through the power of our imagination.

Upon our request and invitation, Archangel Ariel will assist us in releasing, healing and transcending fear based beliefs and fear related thought patterns and cycles. She offers to help us consciously focus and direct the creative power of our thoughts, words, emotions, beliefs, intentions, etc. with that which we actually desire to create and experience.

By transcending the illusions of separateness and limitation, we transcend poverty and lack consciousness, ascending within our natural and true state of Miraculous Consciousness. Ariel reminds us that maintaining Miraculous Consciousness is a choice we make with every thought, with every word, with each expression of our creative power. She reminds us that the more we practice Miraculous Consciousness, the more naturally we will maintain this ascended vibration of our Being. The more vigilant we are, the quicker we will realize if/when we have slipped back into the fear based illusions of separateness and limitation and then the quicker we will be able to realign our awareness with Miraculous Consciousness.

As an important aspect of Miraculous Manifestation, Ariel will encourages us to transcend the perceived safety of our comfort zone. Archangel Ariel brings a beautiful blend of loving, nurturing energy with empowered grace, strength and courage. She lovingly encourages, inspires and motivates while stimulating our natural inner strength and confidence. Ariel assists us in rediscovering the courage and confidence to step out of the perceived safety of our comfort zone and to realize a miraculous existence.

Archangel Ariel will help us to remember that all things are possible and will assist those who call upon her to utilize the power of their steadfast belief to propel their manifestations into miraculous results. She guides and encourages us to follow our bliss, reminding us that when we do what we love, when we do what brings us joy and what is personally fulfilling, we will indeed experience a miraculous existence, we will experience our efforts unfolding magically

Like the Lioness, Ariel has a protective presence and is aligned with courage, strength and confidence. She naturally expresses the infinite love of the Divine Source and demonstrates the immeasurable compassion and purity of purpose associated with the angelic realm. Archangel Ariel is an Angelic Ally devoted to our Remembrance and dedicated to assisting us in realizing and experiencing a miraculous existence.

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