Monday, 13 September 2010

The Abalone Shell

Who couldn't be inspired by the beauty of the abalone shell?


The beautiful rainbow iridescence is formed as a coating on the inside of the shell of the Abalone.
The Abalone / Paua shells are also called sea opal.
Abalone generally describes the shell of the Paua mussel (source of Mother ofPearl) with a sheen on the inside of the shell.
The unique colourings of the paua shell are produced by the rich sediments (mostly of a volcanic origin) within pollution free local New Zealand waters. It is only found along the coast of New Zealand.


Paua helps access the subconscious for emotional & artistic inspiration. It has long been believed that the many shimmering colours of the Paua shell balance and align the chakras
It also aids in creativity and strengthens the heart chakra
Paua shell stimulates intuition, imagination and sensitivity.


Although not a gemstone, it does have healing properties.
It strengthens the heart, aligns all the chakras, bestows tranquility, abundance and spirit.
It brings the serenity of the sea to the mind, body & spirit.

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