Thursday, 18 February 2010

Connecting with nature

Close your eyes, imagine you are floating in a pool of azure blue water, completely let go of any tension in your body and feel an overwhelming sense of peace, calm and serentity and enjoy the sense of total relaxation.

When you are ready, gently emerge from the pool and as you do, notice how your body seems to be glowing from the inside out with all colours of the rainbow. As you look around you be aware of the sharpness of the colours and clarity of your vision. The warmth inside your body, the smile inside your heart.

You see a large old redwood tree and you decide to rest for a while underneath its branches. Smell the gorgeous woody aroma as you lean your back against the soft spongy bark, feel the life force coursing through your body and and as you connect with the tree, feel your energies mingle, and enjoy the feeling of being completely connected to your surroundings. Just relax and breathe in the freshness of the cool morning air. The grass underneath you is incredibly soft and sparkles in vibrant hues of emerald green and you feel a sense of total connection with all life.

Soak up the first rays of sunlight, and feel the warmth permeate throughout your entire body. Feel a sense of total peace, total love, complete serenity and joy.

The tree may have a message or a story it would like to share with you, listen carefully to the rustle of its leaves and ask if there is anything it would like to say. Open your heart and share the joy you feel inside with your surroundings and listen. Stay a while and enjoy being in the moment.

When you are ready, start to come back, wiggle your toes, start to open your eyes. Keep inside you this feeling of serenity and connection and thank the tree and the Great Mystery for any wisdom shared.

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