Monday, 15 February 2010

Connecting with the Angels

Imagine yourself lying in a beautiful green meadow, filled with the fragrance of wild flowers, butterflies skipping off the different shades of petals each giving off an aura of colour leaving a mist of rainbow light surrounding you.

As you lay back in the soft grass you look above you at a bright blue sky, with a few fluffy white clouds drifting in and out of your vision. In the distance lies a woodland and beside you a stream with clear water revealing a multitude of shiny stones laying at the bottom. You lay back listening to the quiet sound of water trickling past you feeling totally relaxed.

As you start to let yourself go with the moment, feel the warmth of a bright sun above you and slowly
Slow down your breathing and open your heart. As you do feel the warm gold sunlit rays touch your heart and sense the presence of four angels around you. Join hearts with these beautiful angels and imagine yourself now connected to a source of pure love. Visualise this love as pure channel of light growing larger and larger until it encompasses the entirety of your being. Be at one with the angels and allow their harmonious song to remind you of the total peace that lies within your soul. Send this sensation of pure love and peace around the planet.

The angels are always with you. Thank them for allowing you to be at one with their presence.

Start to wake up now, safe in the knowledge that the angels of peace will always reside in your heart.

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