Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Channelled messages

Seeing with clarity after a good nights sleep.
The links with enoch, pythagoras & soloman are all making sense.
The fairies say all is in divine and perfect order.
I'm putting my energies into writing poetry and doing my exercises
for a bit.
Dad passed over a book and gave me a thumbs up. He also told me to try and find
out more about my ancestral heritage.
The angels of serenity have been with me for days now, their presence is beautiful.
Been chanting a lot today, all is well.
Thanking the Great Mystery & all the angels & fairies.


Still having problems with time.

There are three now guiding, enoch, pythagoras and solomon. Not sure how but this all ties in with the poetry and angelic music.
Pythagoras keeps handing me flowers, this time a rose. I'm not sure what the significance is.
Elysian fields
Voice from the universe - something to do with the children of abraham again
Vedic astronomy/astrology
the aramaic ohm
Angelic convergence
vibrational alignment

Ringing in my ears is really loud tonight.

I am finally at peace.
Still being guided primarily by enoch & pythagoras
Angel Chamuel - heart work
Kuthumi - proceed
Vedic maraya
Blue star


I am going to write a seperate entry on this leg of the journey as it warrants more than a couple of lines. Not finished it yet, please bear with me.

Still inside the gate
seen my true self (rose gold)
Met with the ancestors - lots of talking
I'm on the journey home. The gift I've brought back is in knowing what I
am supposed to be doing.


I'm with the lion, still inside the gate & he's given me his paw, and told me to always keep these things with me, love, compassion & joy.
The voice of the universe tells me to continue with the Mission & to keep my
heart open.
Asked the Great Mystery, the ancestors, The Tao for a sign today and had a scary moment that gave me a flash of my own mortality. Another wake up call.

Flowing on, following the intuition.

Still seeing the body of water with a drop. A card fell off the shelf today with a picture of exactly what it was I keep seeing. I have no idea of the relevance of this if any.

Did go for a nice walk in the woods & did some tai chi exercises today, felt good
to move, spent all day yesterday writing poetry & trying to decipher all the stuff.

Enoch - let go and soften. Just closed my eyes and saw myself surrounded by figures in white, great sense of protection here.

The ringing in my ears is deafening tonight.


Enoch & pythagoras both talking about Ascension.

Still inside the gate.. its a bit overwhelming, I'm in totally new territory here,
everything seems huge and I feel really tiny.

In a cave. An egg.. I saw this last august when I was in a rush of poetry writing, i was in a cave and a bird placed one inside me.
Having to tell the guardian what I would choose to create if I could. So I told him.
The cave is now filled with gold/rainbow light swirling around me, it feels
really magical so I ask that the dreams all be sent around the universe.
All seems a bit egotistical really but its what's coming so I am going with it.

Keep seeing a body of water with a big drop that has bounced off it leaving a
dent in the water. Can see the water and the drop. I've been seeing this on
and off for a few days

Very tired.


A Cartouche
Pythagoras talking about a flower or an essence or maybe he means flower essence? Asking me to remember.
Haniel - angel heart protector showing me a heart with wings. given an amulet, making me think of thets knot.
A goblet and the word aramathea
In white robes, serene but looking a bit lost inside the gate. Still with the
lion. I'm chanting quietly, sounds like Elohim
A gold phoenix or something like it
Some kind of event, leading to a change
chichen itza, blue star, prophecy, sun dial
female voice of the universe says acquiescent


ow inside the gate with a lion at my side, holding a basket containing A book of knowledge, jasmine, lavender, a wand, a sphere & a rose
Female voice of the universe says "welcome" & 'Altruism'
Elohim, dionysus
Blue star meridian(?) no idea what this is


Walking through the gate - filled with golden light
Haniel, sphere, Chalice, dove
Harmony - (just finished a poem that ended with harmony)
Constellation of orion
Elephants charging
katchinas dance of joy (?)
apple blossom
Light activation (cosmos)

Just found this found it really interesting.. from National Geographic

Here's the link http://science.nationalgeographic.com/science/space/universe/power-of-light.html

an excerpt

Light could even become the preeminent power source for long-distance space travel. The spaceship would have an ultrathin sail to catch the "wind" of light beamed from an Earth-based laser. In theory such a craft could accelerate to a sizable fraction of the speed of light—without carrying fuel.

The more you look at the topic, the more you realize that ours lives are built around light, that our daily existence is continuously shaped—and made vivid—by that ambiguous stuff that dates from the beginning of time. From our technology to our spiritually, we are creatures of light.


Children of Elohim - the gate is now open
Haniel - allow the softness to reach every part of your being and extend it outwards
allow your joy to radiate
Spinning vortex coming more often, mostly when I write
Enoch - go further into your heart & release the remaining white dove


White light has become totally clear, almost has a rainbow shine to it
White feather - prophecy
shoshoni - peace
Archangel Haniel
The number 5
Given a visualisation for mum.. fill an energy ball with love, like pumping up
a balloon from the heart with all my love and joy and imagine mum sitting inside it, at peace.
Diamond in the heart
Chrysoprase a good healing stone to use for the heart
A magical garden & I see 2 trees, a willow and a cherry
Given a warm loaf of bread by an angel in a magic garden
Isis, illuminated ankh in one hand, wand in the other.


vortex spinning has been on and off all night

3.30 am - up writing poetry, stumbled on this "The Pythagorean System" - its all numbers again, looking forward to trying it out.

The head of a bull

Hamsa hand

The heyoka clown

Jupiter again


Thanking the Great Spirit as peace & harmony are restored.
Keeping my heart open & radiating as much love as i can to everyone.


Giving thanks to the Great Spirit for the miracle of life.

"Archangel Gabriel fills you with his strength - use his strength along with gentleness and kindness to transform any situation you perceive as difficult
as a potential for growth."

The blue star - rediscover your true essence in the rainbow sparks of the blue star..
remember the teachings.

Pythagoras says 'continue with the work that was started & remember the joy that each
new discovery made propelled us even further forward. The eighth sphere glows like a golden ball in the heart'

Enoch - Shekinah is also the name you gave your panther totem - guided to read up on this.

Open gateway

Freefalling into the void & clocks stopping - I see Jupiter

White dolphins



Guided by the angels to read the story of Isiaih

female voice of the universe says 'keep listening'

The voice of Pythagoras is aways very reasurring, talks constantly about shapes,
sounds, vibrations, a gentle and wise soul. I was so awful at maths at school that this new found interest in numbers and geometry is as fascinating as the whole world of plants that opened up when I started in horticulture. Feel very blessed.

Been working with the spirit keepers of the South for the past 10 months or so. The power of the heart with a discriminating mind.

Saw an eagle flying over the A3 again yesterday,
Saw it in my dreams the other night too.

Jeremiah - The faithful know a true heart
The female voice of the universe - Expansiveness, altruism, gentleness, open heart
Akashic records - Essenes, live the truth you are learning
The olive tree
Angel Gabriel - learn to communicate with golden words
Jacobs ladder
For those who are seeking forgiveness, call on Archangel Zadkiel


Buffalo calf woman - a pipe ceremony
Eagle surveying earth
blue star still throwing out sparks of rainbow lights
Angels pointing to my head saying 'crystals' - (is there some kind of
crystallisation process that goes on in the head that acts as a transmitter??)
Isis holding a jade stone

Keep seeing the spinning vortex thing again tonight, always just above eye
level to the right
Didn't go into deep meditation tonight, just simply asked if there were any messages
and listened to what the Great Mystery had to say.

Zero point
Golden spirals, golden cords or chords?
Enoch - trust
open gateway


so many things to do, only getting two hours sleep a night now.. doesn't seem to
be affecting me too much.. bit tired tonight though. Taking a couple of nights off from poetry writing & meditating. Still using creativity, dancing instead of writing. Getting very sensitive to touch.. potting up plants today, actually 'felt' them like one would 'see' them. Bringing out a huge nurturing instinct, keep wanting to hug everyone. Plan to spend a few days this week with mum.. wishing I could create something beautiful for her.

Colour spectrum again.. intense colours
Light up the world with more colours than you visably see in the spectrum
St augustine - hearts, bringing hearts together
Use the sparkle that is ringing constantly in the ears to try and
communicate with oceanic life... never thought to do this before...
keep seeing white dolphins in my head
Pyramids of light/capstone.. is the capstone something to do with the
blue star? Been building a pyramid of light over the caravan.
Still getting lost in rainbow colours within the blue star, like sparks
Focusing every night on global grid healing
Still bursting with unconditional love.. huge waves surging, never known anything
like it.
Becoming very aware of right thought/action. Keep slipping up and catching myself. Can't force things, have to let them flow or it will create burnout.
Surrounded by silver angels in a big purple diamond
Will take my camera out over the weekend, see if I can get some good nature photos
would like to make some cards with nice words inside.
Physically seeing that spiralling vortex a lot tonight, just above eye level on the wall just off to the right.. looks like one of those shells you see, can't remember what they are called now.
Keep seeing some tribal dancer, want to say Aztec but not sure.

Blue star radiating out a lot of different colours - wonder if it has anything
to do with colours and sound vibrations
Metatron - given a sphere & a book of knowledge,
Given a message: you will become more sensitive to smell, touch, sight & sound.. all to do with working with upper heart energy.
Number 5 - read about it
Elevation -possibly more astral work
Group consciousness
crystals in our minds?

This is a time of total surrender. Let your love flow like a huge wave over the earth - Isis
Kuthumi still stressing importance of using what he calls the upper heart.
Those who are having difficulties opening to unconditional love, call on
archangel Chamuel for help. - Isis
The Egg of creation (again)
My wings will protect you - Isis
Geomancy - pythagoras

Kuthumi speaks of the importance at this time of working with what he called
the 'upper heart'
Isis and the wand initiation
The feathered serpent, links also with Isis
The Egg of Creation

Channelled Messages. A Daily Diary

Messages from 5th dimension
Cuzco, Peru
Reality Shift

other messages
Reality will shift again during next phase, nothing to be alarmed about
We all have our unique qualities and gifts - share them
hexagram 32
scarab beetle

Constellation Perseus
Serpent vision, smoke, star
mount kilimanjaro
Song of Urumbula
Sound of chanting (hara hara hara)


rainbow bridge
pythagoras/the lost chord /sirius b
the angelic language of the heart
large Rose Quartz crystal
Temple of light
Defninitely picking up the idea of some kind of connection between
plaidies/atlantis. Walked into a big clear quartz crystal.

Strange sensation past few nights,
an unusual throbbing like an alien wants to pop out of my
upper back.

Lots of absent healing and prayer work tonight. Sending light and love to my old neighbour molly who passed away today. Asking for safe passage for her..
Sending love to my dad too.
Bathing planet in gold light
seemed to have been looking through owl eyes at breaks in the grid, been focusing light on these areas until I can sense some kind of pulsation.

A calling
Plaeides/possible Atlantis connection?
Unconditional love/vessel/vehicle

flower of life
blue star/justice/serenity
Had to chant 'serenity' several times
number 11

Strange visualisations tonight
Listening to some really uplifing music
tuning in tonight, as I started connecting with the light I felt a tremendous rumble underneath me that seemed to fill my entire being. Then calmness. Clarity. Felt myself floating in blue light.

Sent out lots of prayers and absent healings tonight.

Old workmate (kindred spirit) who I haven't worked with in 8 months started back today. Sunshine on field, light energy, emotional body not dominating any longer, thank goodness. Finding a good connection again. Interesting to note that in the 8 months my mate has been away, we've both drawn a lot of parallels even though we haven't been in touch. Pythagoras, sound vibration etc. Been discussing ancient angelic languages, enochian, green language, cymatics. Healing with sound and light. How the true universal language had possibly become distorted and is now starting to come back into harmony. She's done a lot more research so lots of things falling into place. Just throwing around ideas today. Decided to have a go at doing some cymatic work together, been watching lots of it on Utube and it's pretty amazing. Looking for irrigation pipes to concoct a channel for sound.. plan to try chanting down it and see if I can't make shapes from sand. Haven't managed to find suitable pipe yet. Having someone to talk to about all this that has definitely cleared a channel. The universe has been shouting loud all day.

Message from the Universal mother - odd words..

No idea what this means
Effervescent spontaneous combustion???
monastic tribal elohim (?)

Message from the Plaeides:-
Open channel returns
Transmissions commencing
5th wave emission messages...

congregate, communicate
balance energies

doves flew out of my heart in meditation.
17/02/2010 - Chief white eagle passes over one white eagle feather on the rainbow bridge.
King solomon never found the meaning of the red cow. Purification
2 more keys.

16/2/2010 2.37 am - meditation
Settled in for another meditation session. Currently working with the energy of four angels who are guiding me with love. Good connection tonight. Lamp keeps
flashing on and off, signalling me to listen harder and open my heart wider. Been focusing tonight on bringing down the light and sending a ball of golden light around the earth. Pictured the earth as a sphere between my palms and covered her with a a radiant gold light.

Did some absent healings. Found myself repeating harmony harmony harmony into each aspect of the healings. Was given the word Merkaba. Haven't looked it up yet.

Chanting voices, sounded like hebrew or something, hard to catch exactly but
caught this.. "Shania.. angel"

Saw my dad looking like a lion.
Lots of high pitched noises in my ears almost like bells tinkling.
lamp going a bit mad in the switching itself on and off mode right now looks like an SOS beacon.

15/02/2010 - for the five keys, follow saturn and jupiter

"Heaven dwells inside all beautiful souls."
"Reach out with your golden heart and touch the world with love"

The 'She' (female voice, very direct) - You are always free, its just the restrictions you place on yourself that hold you prisoner
The time approaches quickly now - Proceed (going with the flow until I get
some kind of intuitive sign of what I'm meant to do)

Saw an Eagle on my way home from work. So will just have to take it as a sign to carry on.

Jeramiah - (old man soft voice) "You feel the earth vibrate beneath your feet don't you child?. tell them there will be a healing soon" (handed a walking stick, told to climb a small hill where I would find a stone. Not sure where the physical location was so just visualised it). Had to shout from the top about the healing.. which I did.

09/02/2010 -
Hermes - forgiveness
The 'She' - Proceed

"Children of Abraham - bring back the family"
"The gold in your heart brings forth a new dawn"

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  1. high pitched sounds are an indicatore your opening up to the sounds of spirit guides/angels..ect...

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