Friday, 5 March 2010

The pyramid of light & garden - a visualisation

Today I’d like to take you on a journey, so relax, make yourself comfortable and visualise yourself walking through a familiar meadow, soft grass underfoot, sun shining warmth on your skin, you’re happy, relaxed and radiate with love and joy.

In the distance you see something glinting in the sunshine, as you walk towards it you see what looks like a temple, a huge pyramid of light. As you draw closer notice the steps leading up to the temple, glistening in violet and silver. The air here is so clean, so clear it almost sparkles, breathe easy and feel how this clean fresh air rejuvinates you. The temple is situated in a beautiful garden, filled with fragrant flowers, the smell of their delicate perfume fills your senses and you feel a rush of beauty in this place.

You walk the steps to the doorway of the temple and are greeted by beings of light that seem to float in a misty haze of rose and gold. Their presence is soft but powerful and they are very happy to see you. Feel how this place opens your heart and feel the love emanating all around you, allow this sensation to flow through you. They lead you inside and ask if you would like the opportunity to enhance some of your senses, knowing you are safe here you agree.

The first door you enter is the doorway to sound. As you enter your ears are filled with the sweetest harmonics you have ever heard. Stay a while and enjoy the music of angels as they sing to your heart. As you listen, notice how the sound seems to resonate somewhere inside you, lifting your spirit to new levels of awareness. Become aware of a sound like a million little stars twinkling in your ears, tiny bells ringing out a song especially for you. If you listen behind the bells, you may even hear a voice that sings the words to a song you recognise but had long forgotten. Stay a while, relax yourself and enjoy. Feel your body gently vibrate to the energy here. Once the song finishes, thank the angels for sharing this with you and leave this room feeling joyous and energised with a different perspective on sound. Know that at any time you only need to remember the angels twinkling bells and it will transport you back here, know also that if you hear the bells again, you only need listen behind the bells to hear the true message of the music.

The next door is the doorway to light. You enter with the sound of angel bells still twinkling in your ears. See all the colours of the rainbow swirling around the room, the hues in between, all shining with a light so bright it draws you to stand in the centre of the room and gaze in wonder. As you stand and watch these colours seem to enfold you, become aware of the sensation in your body as the light dances within you, each colour seems to trigger a different sensation in your body and you delight in the feeling. As your body becomes more energised, notice now that light you are standing beneath has changed and is now a bright white gold light that seems to radiate within you and outside of you. You are starting to feel as though you yourself are becoming a shiny light being, filled to the brim with joy, how wonderful to be alive and experience this. Thank the rainbows and the light for the energetic healing you have received here. As you turn to leave, notice a lovely violet light now gently shimmering around the room and how magical this experience has been for you.

You now find yourself at the doorway of touch. As you enter, you notice the shiny light beings are there to greet you. As they softly embrace you in their light, notice how their touch gives a sensation of angel feathers floating across your skin, enlivening all the cells in your body and notice how your own sense of touch seems to have heightened. Thank them for their embrace as they smile and lead you to the last door which leads into the garden. Your body now so light that you almost float down the steps, enter this beautiful magical garden. Look around you, see how the colours of the flowers now almost shine with a clear light of their own, take your time, look at everything here with new eyes, touch the velvet soft petals of the flowers, feel the spirit of the plants and trees resonating with your own spirit, take in the aroma and sweetness of the different fragrances and sit a while in this beautiful paradise listening to the birdsong with new ears now, as though their tunes were singing in a language you understand. Relax, enjoy all this and let the whole experience flow through you. Before you leave, notice the pretty fountain that stands in the middle of the garden, take a sip of the fresh crystal clear water and know that this will help rejuvinate and enliven your sense of taste.

With your sense of awareness heightened now, thank the Great Mystery and send this energy out into the universe and over the earth.

Start to become aware of your body now. Wiggle your toes, stretch and when you are ready, open your eyes.

I do hope you enjoyed taking this journey with me today. I’ll see you there again soon.


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