Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How many times have you stumbled upon a rock that looks like a friendly giant or a stone that has a face? Ever wondered what message its trying to give you?

The following is an excerpt taken from Jamie Sams Sacred Path Cards

“Nothing is ever put in our paths without a reason. When we are attracted to a certan rock and pick that stone person up, it has a lesson for us. The language of the stones is a personal discovery with many messages for each individual. Since we are unique in our tastes, different stone people will attract us. Each stone person can be a protecting or guiding force in life. The Sioux call them Wo-Ties and the Seneca call them teaching stones. Every lesson on how to live in harmony with the earth can be learned through the Stone people. The fact that each rock is a part of the body of our Mother Earth speaks for itself. When we seek to slow down our minds and feel the earthing influence that brings balance and serenity a stone person is our tool. The earthing influence is a way of anchoring the body to Mother Earth and feeling the security of her nurturing influence. The impressions of every act of Creation from the moment our planet cooled until the present are contained in the bodies of the stone people. This great font of wisdom is ours as a gift if we are willing to connect with the Stone teachers. The calming effect we receive is the wisdom of these Rock Elders who were our first historians for All our Relations. Their mission is to be of service to the two leggeds. Now it is up to us to seek and accept their gifts.”

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