Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Card for Today 4/5/11 Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards - Colette Baron Reid

The Mystery

This marker directs you into the unknowable mystery of your journey. It is the sacred place where all things are created but not yet formed. It points the way to potential which meets the magic of intention. It tells you the magical unknowable forces of destiny and fate are working in your life. The forces you can never fully understand or control are weaving their magic around you to help you fulfill your true purpose.

There is a warning to be humble here. The Mystery reveals itself only when it chooses and not when or how you demand. The cosmic laws operate outside of time and space outside of human intellect or influence. Only hindsight will reveal their patterns. Only total trust and deepest faith can be your allies when the Mystery appears as a Sacred Journey marker on your path.

Sometimes it may feel as if you are going backwards, but truly if you look at a spiral it goes up and back around, reaching upward although it may seem for a time you are not. You are indeed progressing, trust the Mystery and Keep Going!!

For now, trust the thread of your life is woven into the pattern of the Mystery with beauty, grace, strength and purpose. This marker is an auspicious and profound omen that shows you you are on the correct path.

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