Sunday, 17 July 2011

Touch the Earth

A walk along the riverbank, Mother Nature exuding an energy of stillness and calm beauty. The trees shining with a soft gentleness, whispering in the warm breeze of a summers evening.

Excerpt from Earth Magic Oracle - SD Farmer

Earth Mother.. It is her body that we walk upon every day, and the substance of our own bodies is the substance of hers. Its from Gaia we receive everything we need for survival which she provides for us abundantly, nurturing our mind, body and soul.

She nutures our bodies by offering the fruit of the trees, the greens from the Earth and the air that we breathe. She nurtures our minds through her awesome physical and dynamic beauty. She nurtures our souls by caressing us with her blessings each day.

Love and Gratitude to our beautiful Earth Mother.

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