Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rune of the week - kenaz


Also called Ken
Letter: K or hard C
Old Norse name: Kaun
Flower: wild rose
Gem: bloodstone
Number: 3

Positive: inspiration,
power, passion, love, creative fire,
transformation, creativity, manual skills

The ancient meaning of the Kenaz Rune is that of a Torch. In the modern day the Kenaz meaning is concerned with illumination, enlightenment and opening up.
In a Rune Reading the Kenaz Rune is seen as a good sign of brighter times ahead. It acts as a guide that illuminates the path. In love it can be seen as a breakthrough moment when both parties are open.

It shows a spiritual enlightenment and a clearer, illuminated path ahead. It can also mean a 'light bulb' moment with sudden inspiration and ideas
The appearance of the Kenaz Rune is seen as a very good one

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