Thursday, 16 December 2010

A guided visualisation by Wildwitchyju - Eagles and Angels


Visualise if you can, a familiar little country path. Its a warm day, the sun is shining, breathe in the clean pure air, smiling, joyous and radiant, beaming with the joy of being alive, every cell in your body ringing with delight.

You see before you a gate, beyond which lies a familiar meadow. Open the gate and allow yourself a moment to take in the beauty of the sparkling dew shining in the green grass and the wildflowers that dazzle in the sun like a million stars.

There's a little wooden bridge that crosses over a stream, cross the bridge and stop for a moment to stare in the wonder at the dragonflies that flutter past like fairies sprinkling their magic in a colorful dance in front of your eyes.

Beyond the bridge is a viewpoint and you make your way to it with a spring in your step and a song in your heart.

Sit in the warmth and enjoy the clear azure blue sky for a moment, just be and feel the connectedness with everything, be still, breathe.

In the distance you see a speck in the sky, as it gets nearer and nearer you see that it takes the form of a huge eagle and it lands gently on the grass nearby and squawks at you to mount his back as he wants to take you on a ride.

Be at one with this mighty eagle that soars effortlessly through the sky, feel his strength and the power in his wings and see the world as if through his eyes as he flies you to a very sacred mountain.

You land gently, effortlessly. The sun is just rising here on top of this mountain and you notice a fluffy blanket to pull around your shoulders as you watch the red ruby golden sun rise like a huge gem in the sky. As the sun rises, glance around you at the mountains in the distance, all resembling sleeping smiling giants. Sit for a while and absorb the absolute magic of this place. You remember being here before and it feels both familar and sacred.

As the sun begins its ascent you notice before you a huge mass of twinkling rainbow lights, all starting to form a shape. As the shape starts to materialise you realise you are now looking at a blue golden angel who comes with love and strength.

In his hands he hold out 3 gifts for you and beckons you to graciously receive them.
He also has a few messages for you. Receive the gifts with thanks and listen to the messages he has for you. Feel this beautiful loving energy as his light shimmers around you, feel the gentleness and strength of his feathered wings and notice a change in your own energy field.. feel the strength and healing love of his light. Sit for a while and be with this angel, feel the beauty of this presence lighting you up and feel yourself radiating with this loving healing light.

Rest a while, and bathe in the loving healing light.

When you are ready, thank the angel and send a beam of healing light around the planet touching everyone as is passes.

The eagle approaches.. mount his back as he takes you back to the gate, thank him for his strength and wave as he flaps his wings and takes off once more into the azure blue sky.

Open the gate and find yourself back in the country lane again.. start to come back now and have a little wiggle and a stretch, stretch yourself and become aware of your surroundings. Keep in your awareness the gifts that were given.

Thank you for your presence here.

You are very loved and surrounded by beautiful angels.

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  1. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel